For people looking for spiritual growth, deeper connection, and genuinely feel-good experiences check out the Academy of Spiritual Integration.

If you're looking to connect with more people and have deeper conversations, you've come to the right place. Virtual Flow has transformed into co-founding the Academy of Spiritual Integration.

We're currently test-running our Community platform similar to a Facebook group, as of 9/7/2023.

Soon, we'll open up to the public and host our newsfeed-like community. We have workshops and events planned like Tapping for physical and emotional pain, free Galactic card readings, Akashic Record readings, Meditation, and more.

January 1, 2024, will start the monthly club fee of $10 per month or $80 annually. We'll also be introducing online classes like Tapping for Clients, Advance Techniques for Coaches, and more included in your club fee. This will also give other opportunities to teach as well, Tarot, Astrology, Dream Work, Reiki, and more! 

The Academy of Spiritual Integration welcomes you, to join, click here.