It's time to enjoy the flow of your life. The flow that feels easy for you, the flow that feels good.

Virtual Flow helps you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Your unwanted habits will be updated to habits that serve your goal, with ease, using memory reconsolidation.

Change unwanted habits like:

There is no habit off-limits at Virtual Flow. 

Who Is Virtual Flow?

Virtual Flow is a life coaching business.

We help you get in the flow of your life. The flow of life where everything just "feels" right. The flow of life when change happens, you're ready for it and can move through it with ease.

Virtual Flow's new process, memory reconsolidation, is something that can help you change any unwanted habit that you have. Like being late or procrastinating, even any habit that makes you wonder if it's even possible for change to happen. Change is possible for you.

Right now you may be trying to swim upstream. I know you're tired and just want something that actually works. That's why your first session is free. It's a true coaching session where we start uncovering the layers of your unwanted habit. I'll also teach you two ways to calm your nervous system down. Email me by clicking the link below and we'll get your first session scheduled. 

What NOT to Expect

Positive affirmations (I love positivity but I also love being REAL. Sometimes the truth doesn't feel good and that's okay you don't need to cover up those feelings you need to learn how to move through them).

Journaling (It's great if it works for you but sometimes journaling can be a sign of overconsuming. Make sure you're putting into action what's being written on the paper - trust me, I've been there).

Trying to forge a new habit by white-knuckling and freewill (That old habit you have has a strong neural connection in your brain. Not addressing it by trying to create something to compete with it, generally doesn't win. Our brains like easy and comfortable and the old neural connection is just that).

Not knowing if you've had any progress (I use specific markers that indicate progress has been made so you're always in awareness of how your sessions are going).

Answering 25+ questions to possibly get somewhere (I guide you into an experience that opens your awareness to what is laying in your subconscious memory. We're taking action and making real change).

Doing multiple worksheets about different areas of your life (knowing where you stand in your life is important but mindlessly filling out a worksheet and not truly FEELING it makes all the difference. So while the information is powerful, it's not always the best format in this practice).

Change is scary but you aren't doing this alone. I'm here with you to help you make the best decisions for yourself. - Melissa Etzler

Why Virtual Flow?

Virtual Flow uses coaching methods and techniques that work directly with your brain's neural networks and connections. We address the root of your habit so it ceases to interfere with the new habit that will be created.

Every session is focused on this transformational change for you so you can fulfill your desired goal.

Virtual Flow is not your average coaching business. 

Expect to see real change and guidance that is tailored to who you are.

When you're ready to feel that weight off your shoulders click the link below.